Basic Strategy

The AI Opponent, affectionately known as "The Brute", lives up to his name - he is conservative, efficient and very hard to beat. Here's a quick guide with some basic tips to assist with beating him.

Double Attacks

Avoid positions where the opponent can attack two of your Magni by placing one of their Magni - this is called a Double Attack. In the following example, Blue could place their Magni in the indicated hex and claim a point by winning a skirmish with Red's Magni:
However, now Blue's Magni are in the perfect position for Red to play a Magni with northeast flanking attack and central attack values greater than 6, and Double Attack Blue's Magni:
Red gains two points for this move, meaning Blue's earlier move has proven more advantageous for Red than themselves! To avoid this, Blue could have placed their Magni in a hex that isn't adjacent to their first Magni, or played a Magni with a higher central attack, forcing Red to commit a much stronger Magni if they wanted to perform a Double Attack.
  • Try to keep up with the opponents points as much as possible - it is harder to come back from a larger deficit in the late game as it is usually easier for your opponent to play defensively
  • Use your weakest Magni first, reserving your stronger Magni for late game or taking advantage of a Double Attacks on your opponent. Keep track of you and your opponent's star budget on the field. A player who uses their strongest Magni first has no surprises left!
  • Don't use the Aggressive preset - the other presets have higher win percentages
Hopefully you see some improvements in your play with these basic tips. Good luck, and have fun!