Taking Your Turn

The player who wins the First Strike becomes Player 1. Players take alternating turns (starting with Player 1) to place Magni on the battlefield with the ultimate goal of gaining the most amount of points. Points are awarded for Skirmishes and Fortifications. Once no space is left on the board, the battle is deemed over and the winner is the player with the most amount of points.
A skirmish occurs when an edge of on of your Magni is adjacent to an opponent Magni. The winner of the Skirmish is the Magni with the highest Attack Strength on the corresponding edge, and is awarded a point.
Player 1's Magni (red)
A fortification is created when 3 allied units are placed adjacent to each other around a single point/corner, and is awarded a point. Fortifications reward defensive play styles, while providing an opportunity to attack aggressively to prevent an enemy fortification.