Rise of the Magni



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Format and Rules

All rules subject to change at the discretion of Toniq Labs
Tournament will have 2 stages, Pool Play and a Finals Bracket.
Pool Play: August 30 - September 6, 2021 Finals Bracket: Dates TBD
All Pool Play matches will be played best of 3, with players earning the following points:
  • 2 Points for a win (winner)
  • 1 Point for a draw (each)
  • 0 Points for a loss (loser)
The match rules will be:
  • 60 second move timer
  • 23 Rank cap
  • Standard scoring (1 point per Fortress, 1 point per edge, first strike is not scored)
One disconnect permitted per player per match (best of 3). Additional disconnects will result in a loss to the disconnected player.
Finals Bracket rules to be announced at a later date.