Game Modes

Currently we have three main Game Modes - Adventure, Training and Online!
Adventure Mode
Out of nowhere, the Beariun Renegades have started attacking small outposts around the Tora Kingdom. General Leo the 3rd is busy dealing with the political uprising in the Northern Isles and has dispatched you to deal with the growing uprising. Take a team of trusted Magni down to the Southern Alps and squash out the enemy...
Our Adventure Mode will be a multi-chapter, multi-season affair with neat story lines and characters to add to what we hope will be a vast and intricate lore. Players will be able to complete periodic advancements to the storyline, unlocking new and rare items and earning in-game currency.
There are currently no episodes to play through - we are working through a Preseason campaign to give you a taste of the storyline.
Be on the look out for Season 1 coming soon!
Training Mode
Practice makes perfect, so jump in with our AI Opponents and discover new team compositions and strategies to beat anyone you come across. The AI is fairly good and should pose a solid opponent for you.
The AI will use one of the Preset team rosters - Aggressive, Defensive and Balanced.
Online Mode
Our online mode is currently pretty basic - you can play against anyone waiting for a game. In future, we will add Competitive Arenas (with player rankings), Daily challenges and direct battles with friends!