Magni will fight for you on the battlefield. There are two main elements of a Magni that you need to keep in mind - their Rank, and Attack Strengths. Magni are represented as NFTs on the Internet Computer, powered by EXT - the extendable token standard developed by us (ToniqLabs). Magni can be traded, collected and upgraded on-chain to improve their stats and value.
All Magni have a rank from 1 to 4 Stars, which is based on their relative strength. When selecting a team to take into battle, you are restricted by a Rank Cap of 23 - this means the accumulated total rank of your team of 10 Magni cannot exceed 23.
This is important to consider as you want to ensure you take a balanced team into battle. For every 4 Stars you select, you may have to take two 1 Star Magni to balance the Rank Cap.
An example of each tier of Magni
Currently, the Rank of each Magni also determines its tier:
1 Star - Standard 2 Stars - Bronze 3 Stars - Silver 4 Stars - Gold
Attack Strengths
All Magni have 5 distinct Attack Strengths - Two flanking attacks (Northwest and Northeast), two guarding attacks (Southwest and Southeast) and a single central attack (North and South).
When a Magni goes into battle, the outcome is decided based on the values on the adjacent edges. The Magni with the higher value wins the Skirmish on that edge. In the following example image, the red Magni's northwest flanking attack (11) is greater than the blue Magni's southeast guarding attack (8), so the Red Player wins the skirmish
In future, we plan to add upgrades where players can "meld" specialized equipment into their Magni, increasing their overall strength and effectiveness.